Tuesday, 10 November 2009


1st frame: In this frame we chose the title of the film to go where the characters first meet. The reason for this is because it is the part of the opening where the tension builds up to.
We did choose the title 'Beat the Bully' because the main character gets bullied and he will fight back.

2nd frame: The setting/location of the film is set near the Grafton Centre, and the part where the gang leader is introduced is by Coleridge school.
We chose these locations because they represent the genre of the film, and makes it look and feel like a regional independent film.

3rd frame: In this frame it shows how we used costume and props. The costumes that we chose to use for the main character (Lars) was his school uniform to make him look like he is coming back from school. We also used one prop for this character which was his school bag, to make it even more convincing to the audience that he is a school boy.
For the gang leader (Jahmal) we made him wear a hoodie with the hood up, jeans with turn ups at the bottom, and black nike trainers. This makes him look scary towards younger people, which is why when he passes the main character, he looks scared. We made sure that you can't see his face to make the audience wonder what he looks like, who he is, and what will happen later on in the film.

4th frame: The reason why we made this helicopter shot, is because we wanted to have a variety of shots and wanted to make our film opening as interesting as we possible could. We wanted to have a shot that is different from all our other shots, and what other people didn't add to their films and is very hard to do.

5th frame: This frame shows how we used titles and font style. You can't see it in this picture as it is a still image, but in the film the separate letters of the titles move together to form the title. The style which we used is (American Typewriter) and we had the font colour white as it showed up well on the background of the film.

6th frame: This frame shows how the opening of our film sets up as it is the crucial scene when the characters pass each other. This shot shows the main character (Lars) looking scared after seeing the gang leader (Jahmal) who looks menacing as he looks back. This shot also shows how the story will evolve later on.
The story is explained in our pre-production posts.

7th frame: In this frame we wanted to show the genre of our film which is 'An independent movie featuring a young protagonist' similar to Kidulthood/This is England.
We chose this shot because we wanted to show that it has a young protagonist in it, as well as a kidulthood like character with his hood up in the distance.

8th frame: We did a split screen of how both characters are introduced. In the left hand shot it shows the main character (Lars) on the floor in a close up shot, and this is how we introduced him. In the right hand shot, it shows a mid-shot of the gang leader (Jahmal) walking across the street, and this is how we introduced him.

9th frame: This shot is at the beginning of the film opening and it shows a POV of the main character looking into the sky after being pushed to the ground. The reason why this is a special effect shot is because we blurred the picture to make it look like he is dizzy and confused so the audience really get the feel of what's just happened.


How does your media product represent particular social groups?

For this task we have decided to get a screen grab of our main character 'Lars' and compare him with the main character 'Marcus' from About A Boy

Marcus from About A Boy has many similarities with our main character, and these are a few examples. In appearance they both look very depressed and are pulling the same facial expression.
They are wearing similar costumes as each other as well, as in our film the main character has his school uniform on showing that he has just come back from his school day. He also has his bag on his back, similarly in about a boy Marcus is wearing his school uniform and he has a bag on his back, but there is a difference in both screen grabs as Marcus is wearing a hat on his head and also a very odd sweatshirt. Also on his uniform he is wearing a tie.

Both characters have a very similar role in each film, and they both have almost exactly the same personality. Marcus gets bullied at his school because he is a very strange boy, however, in our film our main character gets bullied at school but not for the same reasons. Lars gets bullied at school because he is very clever and knows every answer the teacher asks him and other students don't like him for it. The role of each character is to play a young school boy who gets bullied at school and need to find a way out of bullying.
In our film our character tries to get into a gang, whereas in about a boy 'Marcus' tries to make friends with one of his parents friends.


What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

For this task we had to create a commentary voice over, to put over the top of our film opening sequence. The commentary is explaining what is happening in each scene and why we chose to make it in that way.

I think that making a voice over was a good idea, because people now know what is happening correctly, as the editor and director (Sven and Jahmal) of the film are the ones doing the commentary, so this gives the audience a clear idea of what is going on in each important scene. It also makes sure that people watching notices all of the little details, which they would have never seen before, which makes the film opening twice as interesting to what it would have been if they just sat down and watched it, without spotting the small details.

Because we know all of the little details added by us, we have a brilliant understanding of the film opening, and know what is going to happen later on in the film. Knowing all details makes the film stand out more, because the audience will be looking out for these minor effects, which is why we chose to add a clear and accurate commentary version of our film opening sequence.

Here is some additional information we were asked to put into the commentary but did not because a commentary normaly relates more to the opening than most these questions do.

What does a production company do?
The production company are the ones who produce the film, for example, in relation to our
opening we put our idents at the start of the film, showing that we produced it.

What is a distributor and what is he doing?
A film distributor is an independent company, he is the agent between the film production company and the film exhibitor.

Where the money might have come from for a film such as yours?
The money for our film might have come from government grants, because our film is an independent local feature.

Why the various people are named in the titles?
We named our film production companies as well as actors in the opening on the other hand we have not mentioned small jobs such as boom operator. That is because main jobs such as director are more important than boom operator. And they are named in the opening because more people are going to see the opening and not the credits of the end of the film.
Our titles are:
J.C.A.C Media productions and Sven Mattes Film and Media Production present
a Crowe and Mattes film
Casting by Bill Noxville
Costume Designer Alex Hume
Sound Designer Karlos Jimenez
Edited by Sven Mattes
Producing Designer David Pattern
Screenplay by Johnny Traffer
Produced by Collin Smith
Directed by Jahmal Crowe

We took the order of the title appearing from a template, which is similar to the opening of 'Fight Club'.

What your film is similar to 'institutionally'?
The films that would be released in a similar way would be for example 'Man on Wire', 'In Bruges', and 'Slumdog Millionaire', because all of these films are British Independent Films.


Who would be the audience for your media product?

This is a photo of the type of target audience that we are expecting to be favorites of watching our film because our film is mostly about teenagers and gangs, so therefore we are hoping that it will attract all sorts of teenagers in the age range of 15 years of age and upwards. In our film we are trying to show teenagers what can happen if they get into a gang sort of lifestyle.

He is 16 years old
Stereotypical teenager
His favorite film is Kidulhood and Adulthood
He rarely watches television
His name is Louis
He wears nike trainers, straight cut jeans, and an expensive jumper
Lives in a semi detached house
Spends his money on clothes and alcohol
Only watches films in cineworld, and illegal downloads on internet
In his leisure time he goes out with friends
Listens to grime, hiphop, and rap
Downloads illegal copies of music


How did you attract/address your audience?

This is a screengrab of the annotated version of our film opening sequence.

We added some annotations to our video so that we can describe how we relate our characters to other films. We explain that our main character (Lars) is similar to Marcus in 'About a Boy'.
The gang leader in our film opening relates to some of the characters in 'Kidulthood' because he is wearing hoodie and gangster clothing.
The screengrab shows the timeline of YouTube's annotations program.

The annotations which we added, shows the audience what we intended to do in the film, and shows how everything works, in order to draw the audiences attention towards the film.
On the timeline it shows where we added text. It was very hard to get the text to come in at the right place and fade out at the right place, so we really had to concentrate very hard. We also had to do annotations for each scene. Doing this, shows that we have a great understanding of why we chose to do what we did, and lets the audience know that we didn't just come up with it on the spot.


This photo shows all the equipment which i have used to create the film opening, as you can see there is a mac in the background and we used this mac to do all of our editing using programs such as: GarageBand, Final Cut and Photoshop. We also used little sights such as, Blogger, Vimeo, Youtube, and Flickr.
There is also a camera with the microphone and tripod. We used the camera obviously to record, and the tripod was to keep steady shots, but we didn't always use steady shots as we had some over the shoulder shots as well. On top of the camera is a microphone which records all of the sound whilst filming, but we didn't actually use any of the sound which we had when recording because it was mostly Sven shouting (Action); but we did record sound at a later stage.
We also used headphones whilst on GarageBand, to make our own music for the soundtrack of the film. The headphones are on my head in this photo.

Here are some screengrabs of the main programs which we used to make our film opening look professional and not rushed.
Final Cut was the crucial program for our film, because this is where we edited everything, like cutting scenes out of our film, and putting everything in the right position, we also used it for special effects and adding titles.
In our film opening we had many special effects, like at the beginning we blurred the POV shot to make it look like blurred vision as the character has just been pushed to the ground. Later on in the film we added another special effect, where the characters meet and everything goes to slow motion for a little while creating tension.

GarageBand was another program which we had to use to make our film stand out, because in this program we had to create our own music and we had to take lots of sounds to do this. In my opinion, by the end of making the soundtrack which we struggled with at first, it turned out to be very appealing, and actually went with the type of film we have, also if you listen carefully the tone of the music changes when it switches between characters. Another thing I think we did well, was when the characters meet, the music changes to build a lot of tension.
When using GarageBand we also had to fade the music out at the end, so we had to get the pen tool out and put dots on the line where we wanted to drag it down, then when we had it at the right point, we would play it through and it would fade out perfectly.



Match on action shot (1. and 2.)



Reverse shot (3.)


180 degree rule (4. and 5.)


Looking back I feel that we have really implemented every aspects we have learned by doing the preliminary task.
In our opening we have several match on action shots aswell as used the 180 degree rule. We also used a reverse shot of both characteracs looking at eh other.

As you can see in picture 1. both characters (Louis and Lars) open a door. In the 2. picture both projects have a close up of the action. This match on action shot is used to make the audience really see what is going on.

On picture 3. you can see how both characters (Tilly and Lars) react to a certain action. This reverse shot is used to let the audience see what the other person did at exactly the same moment.

Pictures 4. and 5. demonstrate the 180 degree rule from two views. The 180 degree rule is used to see the characters are always on the same side.

Rating for our film (BTB)

As a 15 I think that our film is at its correct classification rating.

Friday, 6 November 2009


These are some screengrabs from our film opening editing session.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Plan of things to do.

Things to do:

Find or create music and add it to our film. (done)

Look at each shot that we have and either cut some of the shot away, or add new shots into the film. (done)

Add sounds. (done)

Look at other film titles and see how they position them. (done)

Add titles. (done)

Add all the effects needed to make film opening stand out. (done)

Fianalise and check over film. (done)

Film complete! (DONE!!!)

Sophie and Charna's rough cut (Feedback)

Sophie and Charna rough cut from cmdiploma on Vimeo.

Strengths of film: I think the strenghts of their film opening are the shots. I really like the way that they have positionedand angled each of their shots, to get a full view of each frame. I like how it is really dark in the background of each shot, and in the foreground the fire stands out really well. I also really like how they have positioned the titles aswell.

Weaknesses of film: In my opinion the weaknesses of their film opening is the music as it has not been timed very well with each shot, and I think that it doesn't fit in with what is happening in the film. I also feel that the opening to this film looks more like a trailer because of the way that they have layed it out, and the order in which they have put each title.

I think that the group should change the music, because it doesn't suit the film. I also think that they should add dialogue, so that people know what is happening, because it is difficult to explain what is happening without dialogue when you only have fire to explain things, it just doesn't work.

Apart from change a few things to make it feel and look like a film opening, this group does not need to add anything into the opening sequence.

My Rough cut for film opening

JAHMAL/SVEN rough cut from cmdiploma on Vimeo.

This is the rough cut version to mine and Svens film opening, and as it is a rough cut everything hasn't been sorted out properly. I am going to share with you the views of other people about our work.

Feedback for our film: In class the feedback about the strenghts and weaknesses of our film were as followed.

Strenghts: The strengths of your film were how you positioned all of your shots, and how you managed to time each action with the next action. Good acting from the actors.

Weaknesses: I expected something more to happen at the end of the opening, like the person in the hoodie to pop up somewhere. There was no sound.

We don't intend to change much at all because we feel that as an opening to make it look like an opening you need to keep it simple and not have to much going on otherwise it will look too much like we are trying to get everything into the first minute of the film. The teacher said to us that he was expecting more to happen like the person in the hoodie to pop up again at the end, but in my opinion that would ruin the film because the opening is supposed to introduce the characters, and if we made what he said happen we wouldn't know what to do with the rest of the film.

In our film opening we still have to add music because without music it is bare and you don't know what is happening and it doesn't appeal to the audience. We also have to add all of the titles aswell, and also cut down on a few of the shots.

Charna and Sophie think that our camera shots and not revieling the main character are our strenghts of the film.
They think that our weeknesses of the film are not having any music, and they think that we should have more in the background like people or animals etc.

Monday, 19 October 2009

This is my drawing of my favourite part of mine and Svens film opening sequence. The reason why I like this part of the film is because I like how the two main characters walk past each other as it builds tension.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

This is a screengrab of the scene I would call the meeting point as this is when you see both the main character (Lars) and the gang leader (Jahmal-With the hoodie), both in the same shot which suggests that something is maybe going to happen with these two later on in the film, which also builds up tension as they walk past each other, and I think this would make the audience want to watch more. In my opinion this is the best scene of the whole opening sequence, because as I said it builds up tension, and I like how it goes in slow motion as they pass by.

This screengrab is when we introduce the gang leader, as he walks across the road looking suspicious, with his hood up, and hands in pocket. I think that the way the camera has been positioned makes the shot stand out as it is quite diagonal to the gang leader (Me).

This screengrab is the second shot of the opening sequence introducing the main character (Lars). This is an effective close-up as it shows the full emotions on his facial expressions, and what I think makes it even better, isthe fact that you can also see his school books, and because he is on the floor, these two signs suggests to us that he has been bullied and knocked to the ground.

Friday, 16 October 2009

My Opie

This is my opie which i created on photoshop. An opie is when you make yourself different by using effects, and as you can see I have made a normal picture of me into a cartoon picture of me.
I think that it is quite cool, but it is also very hard to make at the same time. I like how I have done my opie because I have made my t-shirt a different colour to what it actually was, which shows how much you can actually change things just by using tools on photoshop.

It was very hard and complicated when making an opie because I had to do about 8 layers, and on each layer was a different feature to my face, so it took quite a long time to do, but I enjoyed it overall.

Template for opening sequence (Beat the Bully) Edited by Sven

This is the template to mine and Svens film opening sequence to our film Beat The Bully.
In my opinion the opening to our film has gone really well. Of course we have to add sound and effects to make it look much more film like, and we also are maybe going to add shots that aren't in this template, but we are going to take a look at other alternatives.

At this moment in time I think that this first draft looks very good, for what it is without editing lighting effects, and sound effects, and I think that when we have finished this whole opening sequence project our film openinf will look very good and well presented.

Also because this is a first draft we haven't added the titles because that is something we will take care of, when we have the final piece, and when we are happy with the whole opening to our film with the angles and shots.

The credit must go to Sven for this template, because he was the one who edited it at his house on an editing software.

Todays session

In todays session we are going to create our music for each character.

For the gang leader we are maybe going to get copyright free music, and the sort of music that it is going to be is, grime or hip-hop.

However for our main character we are going to create some music in garage band and that is our final decision, although we have yet to decide on what type of music it is going to be.


This is a moodboard closest to our film opening. In this moodboard we show a gang, someone getting bullied, a tunnel which we have in our film opening, gang fight, and more. In the board we have included all sorts of things that we are going to add to our opening sequence.

This is the storyboard for mine and Svens film opening sequence. As show on each board there are arrows to tell us where the character is going.
Since doing this storyboard we have added some extra shots which we recently thought of doing and we feel that they make the film opening stand out to what it used to be.


This is the fontboard for the types of font that we are going to use for the opening sequence of our film when the titles come up. In the end we are going to choose one of these font styles.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Greenscreen Activity

This is the greenscreen activity which we had to do. I am the model of the video and I am the one on the treadmill.
I had to walk on the treadmill, and when editing we had to make it look like I was walking in front of the school.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Similar opening sequence to my film (2)

This is Juno the opening sequence which is similar to the opening of mine and Svens film because in our film opening all the way through it there is a person walking through the streets of Cambridge and in Juno it is just a girl walking all through the opening sequence.

Similar opening sequence to my film (1)

This is the opening to the film kidulthood, which is very quite similar to the film opening sequence which me and Sven are doing becuae it kind of has things to do with gangs, and it also is to do with young teens and gang activity.

First Shootings For Film Opening

Today, me and my partner Sven had a go at doing the first few shots and scenes for our film opening. As we can only use the main character on a weekend, we decided to change a few things, and we added more shots to make our film look better than it would have originally been.

We first of all did the first shot of the film which is supposed to be from the main characters point of view looking into the sky, and although it was from the main characters point of view, we didn't need him as the camera is looking into the sky. For this particular shot in editing we are going to add a blinking effect, and also you don't see him getting beaten up, and the shot is dark which creates tension.

Me and Sven also did some cityscape shots of cars going past, people passing by, and cars on a roundabout. As we are going to introduce the gang leader played by me (Jahmal) we also did some shots of me walking, but unlike the main character (Lars) most of the shots taken with me in them are handheld, where the camera isn't held totally steady, which kind of shows my characters personality. Some of the shots with me in them are from different angles, but with (Lars) all of them are different angled shots.

The main point of the opening sequence is going to be them passing by each other in the underground bit near the grafton, where they link eyes adding some tension and the mood of that scene is bitter, this shot of them linking eyes is showing the audience that they are to of the main people in the film, and, makes them wonder what is going to happen in the whole of the film.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Tomorrows Session

In tomorrows session we have to start our filming for the opening sequence to our own films, but as me and Sven don't have our main character we can't do all of the opening as he is our key focus of the opening sequence.

As we cannot do all of the opening sequence we are going to do parts of it by doing the opening shot which is just a shot of the sky from a persons point of view whilst laying on the ground, and we can also do some cityscapes as well.

Me and Sven can also do some editing for the few shots that we can take, for example on the opening shot we are having it from a point of view, so we are going to add a blinking effect, and we will go on garage band to edit the music, and any other sound effects that we are going to use for the sequence.

Sunday, 11 October 2009


more good work jahmal- keep it up!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Mine and Svens anamatic


This is mine and Svens anamatic video of the opening sequence to our film. We have used final cut express to do close-ups of shots, and we have also used it to frame a picture, and to fade from picture to picture in some cases.
I think that we have done well in our anamatic video, and it gives us a good idea to how we are going to edit our film.

The Brothers Bloom (Anamatic video) Opening Sequence

Brothers Bloom Childhood Sequence Animatic from rcjohnso on Vimeo.

This is the anamatic version of 'The Brothers Bloom' film. I thought that this was made to look nearly exactly like the actual film, but they got some things mixed up. For example they got some of the shots the wrong way round. They made some good special effects that they decided not to do in the real film, but for an anamatic, I thought that this was great. I liked the way they still had the arrows to show what they were going to do next. For example when they were going to do a close-up of the shot they put a box around the place that they were going to zoom in to.

Brothers Bloom (Video) Opening Sequence

this is the opening sequence to 'The Brothers Bloom' film, which I thought was actually really good, in the way they used effects, and the music went with what was going on.

Friday, 9 October 2009

180 Degree Rule (picture)

This is a picture showing what the 180 degree rule is, and how it works.

Creating Storyboard

This picture is showing me and Sven doing our work for the storyboard of our opening sequence. Sven is cutting out images which he drew, and i am sticking the images on, and writing about what is happening in each of them.
In this picture Sven is still cutting out images and I am recording the times of which each shot is going to happen.

production Ident (video)

L3 JAHMAL (J.C.A.C. Media Productions) IDENT from cmdiploma on Vimeo.

This is my production ident video which will appear at the start of all of my films that I make, and it will first appear in the film opening sequence that me and Sven are going to make.
I think that I done well in making my ident video as it moves around quite well, and I like the way each word and object comes into action, and appears in screen. I found it hard to pick the right sounds, and up until the last day of making the idents, i had trouble picking sound that goes with each action, but I think that I now have the right sounds in my opinion.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Timeline and Title Sequence to Boris 2 opening sequence

These pictures are the timeline for each title. I have recorded a timeline for each second a title comes up, and I have also said what is happening at that particular point in some cases. The reason that I have doe so many pictures of the same timeline is because my camera could not zoom in on all of the timeline at once, so I had to do some of them individually.
I could not say which person was director, or casting members, as all of the titles were written in a different language, but I did still write down everything I saw, but some of it I do not understand as it is not English.
I found it to be quite hard to get each point accurate so I had to keep going back to check if I got the time right. On my timeline I have put down all the seconds in which a title came up.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Boris2- Contact sheet

Here is the link for Boris 2: http://artofthetitle2.com/media/tv/2009/boris2_480p.mov

In this video I think that the music fits in well with the effects that they use. The reason why I picked Boris 2 for my timeline film is because I thought that it was the best one out of all the ones that I watched, and I liked how in the first shot it shows a fish in its fish bowl, and then it zooms in, and lots of different things start to happen which in my opinion makes it stand out from the rest. I think that the colours in this opening sequence makes it look very lively and interesting fopr the audience watching it , making them want to see more.
The wasy that the titles start to come in also makes it look quite spectacular as well, and I think that this has helped me in a way, becaues I can take some ideas from Boris 2, for example the titles and how they enter the opening sequence, and I can do a similar thing in my opening sequence.

This is the contact sheet for Boris 2. I picked this one because I thought it looked really cool, and I really like the effects that they have used in the video, as well as on the contact sheet.

My film logo

This is my logo for my film, so when ever I make a film this will come up at the beginning to tell the audience that it is a film production, from me. I think that my production logo looks good, because fist of all I really like the colours which I have used, and I like the way it is set out.
I have also done something that I think is quite clever in my production logo, because I have used my initials, (J.C.A.C) which I think lookes quite cool. I also really like the shape in the background. The thing which makes the audience realise that it is a production logo is the bit at the bottom, where it says media produtions, as it says what it is.

9 frames(Beat the bully), Jahmal and Sven

Me and my partner Sven then went on to do a second 9 frames storyboard, but this time we did it in a different way and we did the whole story in 9 frames instead of just the opening sequence.
As you can see:

First shot- The boy is getting bullied
Second shot- He is running away
Third shot- Is a picture of his house
Fourth shot- Is a picture of a gang which he meets on the way to his house
Fifth shot- Is a picture of him wearing gang like clothing showing he's in the gang
Sixth shot- Shows him commiting a minor crime
Seventh shot- Has him being in a much more serious crime with a gun
Eighth shot- A picture of handcuffs represents that he is being arrested
Ninth shot- Shows a picture of a judge's hand about to slam the hammer

In our actual fim opening that we have to do in pairs me and my partner Sven, are going to base our fim opening on this, but we are not going to use all of it as it tells a whole story, and not just the beginning. Instead we are going to take ideas from this to create our opening scene. In my opinion, I think that me and Sven are going to produce a really good film opening by taking ideas from this source.

9 frames(Stuck on the beach ), Jahmal and Sven

This is the 9 frames storyboard type of thing where we had to take images from google and basically tell a story with the images that we collected, as an opening sequence to a made up story. Me and my partner, straight away thought of a good idea and this is what we came up with.

I really like our 9 frames film "Stuck on the beach" because by looking at it you might get confused, but you can kind of work out what is happening. We have also added the names of casting members, producers, actors, directors, and so on.

The pitch we are going to use

Pitch 3- Cambridge gangland(regional film)

set in cambridge, a 12 year old boy who gets picked on at school, is about to change his life around, but in the wrong ways...he wants to join a gang. Blood and violence makes him even more interested in the gang world, and he even gets involved in some horrific attacks. Bullies prepare to be beaten!
We are going to use my pitch 3 as the opening sequence for our film opening, because we think that it is the most doable sequence out of all of them. We are going to use Sven's brother as the 12 year old boy, and we going to have to get the right props to do this, for example; hoodies, fake guns, and knifes. The most important thing for us to do at this stage, is to find more actors/actresses to be our film.
I think because of the props we are using, and all of the violence, we are going to have to film on private property, or at Sven's house.

Sunday, 4 October 2009


again coming along well !

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Pitch 4- Street Life(fictional novel)

An animated fictional novel for adults. It may be animation but this is for adults. A woman who has to make money for drugs turns to prostitution. Can she change her life around for the better, or does she fall along the way.

Pitch 3- Cambridge gangland(regional film)

set in cambridge, a 12 year old boy who gets picked on at school, is about to change his life around, but in the wrong ways...he wants to join a gang. Blood and violence makes him even more interested in the gang world, and he even gets involved in some horrific attacks. Bullies prepare to be beaten!

Pitch 2- The Henchman

The supernatural thriller, focusing on a very muscular man, as you can tell this is aimed for girls. He may be known as the Henchman, but two problems are in his way. First problem he is blue... second problem to be solved, is how he got like that. Can he find who or what did this to him?

Pitch 1-Wiz kid(My own fictional comic book character)

An 18 year old, who by day acts like a normal teen, and hangs around with his mates, but by night is out to save the world with his super speed powers. He has to fight against bad guys, and stop comets from entering the atmosphere....Will he save the world?

My Preliminary task

In my opinion I think that my group used the three basic rules very well, as you can see in the video there is the continuity editing at the beginning, which I think actually looked quite good for the first time of doing it.
The 180 degree rule was very basic to use, and I thought it was easy.
The shot/Reverse shot was difficult because you have to get the timing right overwise it lookes dreadful.
Overall I think that my group worked really well together, and I think that mine and Sophie's editing skills were really good as we got the timing of each shot to the best that we could get them too. I enjoy ed learning how to use these three basic skills, as now I know that there is much more to filming than keeping the camera in one spot, as you have to do lots of different things to make it look accurate.

Although I liked the whole of our little film, there were some bits that didn't fit into it so good, for example, when we did the shot/reverse shot it didn't fit very well because everything was said really fast, which made it look very rushed and not realistic.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

What Is Continuity Editing?, 180 degree rule?, Match on action?, and Shot/Reverse shot?

Continuity editing: Continuity editing is when you are filming something, for example someone going through a door from a long shot, and as they are about to open the door, from another shot say a close up it shows the person opening the door. So it is like doing the same thing in different shots, so continuing the same action, from different camera shots.

180 degree rule: The 180 degree rule is a very simple rule in filming, and it is when you are fiming, for example two people, and you are not aloud to go more than 180 degrees round them with the camera otherwise it will confuse the audience by thinking that the actor has turned around or something like that, which would probably confuse them.

Match on action: This is when a continuity cut which unites two different views of the same action together at the same moment in the movement, making the shot seem to continue.

Shot/Reverse shot: This is a very hard and interesting shot, because you have to get the timing and voice tone right. This is when you have, for example an over shoulder veiw of a person who is speaking, and then switching the shot to the other persons shoulder so that you see the other person speaking, but it is all in the same conversation, which makes it hard and you have to use editing to the best of your ability.

Monday, 28 September 2009


generally good jahmal, covers all areas well!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

A Case Study Of A Film Opening

The film opening which I have chosen as my favourite fim is Hancock.

Before the fim starts the opening sequence tells us that it is by Overbrook Entertainment as the fims company, and it also says Columbia Pictures Presents, showing that this film was made by them. It then comes up with a few other production companies like Relativity Media. There are a few prodution companies which include Blue Light, Weed Road Pictures, and Overbrook Entertainment. After telling us all of that it then flashes up with the films name.

I really like the way that it shows us which companies it's by, and then jumps straight into action with a car chase. I really like the way that in the opening scene they keep jumping from the action packed car chase, into Hancock who is just laying down on a bench drunk. To get the mood flowing they add some music which sounds like it is played on a harmonica, and they make it faster and loud when the camera is on the car chase, but they make it really soft and relaxing when the camera is on Hancock, who is played by actor Will Smith.

There is not a point in the introduction to the first three minutes where there is not any action which I think would make the audience excited, and really grab their attention. In my opinion I think that the setting is very well planned out, but I didn't notice to much about the lighting.

I think that this film opening is very action packed and exciting, which is why I chose to publish it on my blog.

Case Study Of A Film Opening

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I tried to screen grab but i didn't know how to do it.

As you can see, this is the screen shot of when Juno is about to open her sunny delight. In my Juno opening sequence which I did with my partner, looks a little different because we did our screen shot of this on the wrong side. There were ways of editing the shot so that it was flipped to make it be on the other side, but we accidently misplaced this scene, not realizing that we had done this shot the wrong way round.

Eventhough our shot of this is the wrong way round, I think that if it was the other way it would look very similar to the real thing, because we took a lot of time to get our shots accurate and very close to the real thing.

My Juno Film Opening Review

For this task we had to watch the opening to the film Juno. After watching the opening to Juno several times we then had to make our own openings to Juno. We started off by making storyboards which had to be like the exact shots in the actual Juno fim, which was actually quite challenging because if we didn't get the right shots then we would be stuffed, because we had to rely on our shots to make the film look the same as the original. When we were filming we had to get the camera angles in the position and we had to also bring the correct props, and find suitable locations which was actually fun, and made us all work well as a group.

When we had finished filming our sequence to the opening of Juno, we then had to start editing it on final cut express. To edit we had to work in pairs, and I worked with Max, and I think that we worked very well together. After we had got every shot in the right order we then went on to puting the music to the right time of each shot which was actually easy.

Towards the end of editing me and Max went on to try something that no-one else did, which was very hard and challenging, and this was to make our film cartoonized to make it have that cartoon effect which we succeeded in. In my opinion our opening to juno was the best because we tried something different and what didn't know how to use properly. I really enjoyed the task, and I think that it went very well.

My Juno Film Opening

Monday, 21 September 2009


Good on the two clips you have chosen. Does need more on Final cut and Shifty stuff.

For the post on Shifty, you need to say more about how the moodboard task worked and how it was based on a particular scene and trying to give a sense of atmosphere from that. Later you will be creating moodboards for your own project ideas.

You could do with a bit more detail in your post on how you used the technology (especially final Cut) Which tools did you learn to use?

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Postcard by Jahmal Crowe

This is the postcard that I created today in photoshop.
I think that my final image is exactly how i intended it to be, which was to have the statue of liberty holding a dog which is exactly how it is displayed on the postcard. i think the image I have created makes an interesting combination between the two of them. I also like how i have added the creative and media text up the side of the postcard, and I think that the the colours stand out as they kind of relate to some of the colours in the image.

I used a variety of tools, such as the blur tool to make the sides of the image look smooth, I used the horizontal type tool to create text on the image, and I used the brush tool.

I also had to go on to the bar at the top, where i had to transform the scale and rotate the image to make it the right size and shape. i found this to be very useful, and it made my postcard look better.

I would have liked to make the sky in the background like a red colour which would have made everything else stand out. Overall i think that it went well.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Other students film

This is an AS students film called R1 18 and this is the opening to the film.

Strengths of the film: the strengths of this students film are the camera angles. I like how each camera position is set, and I especially liked the effect that they used, to have two frames on the same screen. I think that the film its self was scripted well. The camera shots were done very effectively aswell, and I liked how they didn't stay in the same camera shot for ages. They had a good technique in different types of camera shots aswell, for example they used close-ups, mid-shots, and long shots, but one after the other.

Weaknesses of the film: I thought that the acting wasn't very good as it looked unreal. Some of the techniques that they used in this film weren't displayed very well and although i liked the fact that they didn't keep on one camera shot for long, I feel that they should have spent a bit more time on each shot.

film opening - Contact

For my homework i had to look at three film openings from a link, and i had to choose one to analyse. The three film openings that i looked at were Casino Royale, Contact, and A new hope. I chose to post Contact on my blog.

I found "contact" to be the best film opening because it was interesting the way the camera was zooming out the whole way at a constant speed, and as it got towards the end it sped up. The opening basicaly shows our solar system and zooms out to the universe which then zooms out to a persons eye. At the start of the opening it is very dark, there is also a mix of different types of music. The first shot zooms out from the earth into a long shot with the sun, moon, and earth. the camera stays in one position throughout the whole opening of the universe. In the middle of the opening lots of bright colours form, and the music fades away into no sound.It looks like it is going back through time because the camera zooms out and moves backwards.
At the end it zooms out from the universe and in the same shot goes into an extreme close-up of a persons eye. This connotes that there is a whole universe inside of us.

There were lots of techniques which i learnt on the final cut express program. i learnt how to cut some of the film that i didn't need to use which was very useful. learning how to fade was very useful for the film me and my partner created on final cut express because fading was a big priority for our film as we had to find a way to merge two thing together and fading helped.
our film was called fly over.

I think that our film went well and i now know how to use final cut express. i can now use it for basic skills.

I think that final cut express was brilliant to use as it's like nothing that I have ever used before. I really enjoyed editing my film, and the tools which I used on final cut express really helped me to achieve this goal. On final cut I learnt how to use many tools such as moving the scenes and audio into the right place, I also learnt how to fade images into each other, and i now know how to cartoonize films now aswell.